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Valkyrie Onchain DeFi Fund

Gain secured exposure to the cross chain DeFi ecosystem & yield with the Valkyrie Onchain DeFi Fund LP. Professionally managed by seasoned asset managers, the fund is a discretionary quantitative hedge fund investing on-chain in the DeFi ecosystem. The fund utilizes proprietary DeFi analytics software to identify market dislocation & proprietary DeFi yield aggregation software to maximize our on-chain position returns.

1Key Facts
Fund Name
Valkyrie OnChain Defi Fund LP
Fund Jurisdiction
General Partner
Valkyrie OnChain GP LLC
Investment Manager
Valkyrie Funds LLC
2Class A Interest
Minimum Commitment
Management Fee
2% of committed capital annually​
Carried Interest
1 year
Quarterly, subject to 90-day notice
3Class B Interest
Minimum Commitment
Management Fee
1% of committed capital annually​
Carried Interest
1 year
Quarterly, subject to 90-day notice
4Institutional Quality Partners
Administrator / Accountant
Stonegate Global Fund Services
Richie May & Co.
Chapman and Cutler
Private Key Custody and Security
Fireblocks Inc.

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